01 October 2021

Starting to murder the buddleia

 When you have a garden for the first time you learn all sorts of things. For instance, I became aware of the amazing growing power of buddleias. There was one growing right in front of the conservatory, threatening to block the view, and after cutting it back a few times and the shrub growing back pretty much as fast, I decided to kill it. I did the same with a specimen that was trying to crowd out my apple tree. And I tried it with a specimen that was overgrowing the upstairs garden. It looks like my garden is a dangerous place for this species! But the biggest one of all is next to the house, by the kitchen. Every year it looms over the road and over where I park my car. And the neighbour had worries about what it might be doing to my foundations. So it had to die! But I decided that when I was super busy. So nothing happened.

Then one day I was waiting for Kate to appear; she would drop by for lunch. I wasn't quite sure when exactly she would appear, and I decided to turn that into an advantage; if I was at the front of the house and see her coming. So I grabbed my saw and made a start! I started with the branches that were crowding out the car. The biggest bits of wood I cut into stove-sized pieces, and the rest went to the riverbank. I managed to process two big branches before the kitchen called. It already looks tidier! And there is a lot more to do but I have made a start. I'm sure I will find time to reduce it a lot more in size! And then I will be relying on the plant poison Rose left me to make sure it doesn't come back…

How it started


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