30 September 2021

Pre-term beer

The last three or four weeks before term this year been quite hard. So I had decided I really needed a beer before I would throw myself into term. And I had remembered that Martin mentioned he had brought a crate of beer from Germany, and that he thought I should go and sample it. So when the weekend approached I asked if that offer still stood. And it did! And usual suspects Sue and Dean (who live just downhill from him) would join as well.

I hadn't done that for a long time; just gathering for some alcoholic drinks! It was lovely. The last time I had done anything like this had been with pretty much the same crew, by the weir. Maybe I should do this more often. And I surely should invite them down to my neck of the woods one day. Maybe for an autumn barbecue or a night by the fire! That does mean everybody has to travel uphill to go home but I'm sure that is acceptable side-effect…

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