07 October 2021

Improvised addition to project water butt

 When I connected my water butt to the drainpipe, I didn't know how quickly it would fill up. I suppose I was being naïve! It is North Wales here, it will fill up in seconds. But that also means it is overflowing in seconds. As things stand now, the overflowing water just runs down the barrel and ends up on the ground. That is not how it should be! I would like the excess water to end up in the drains again. I suppose the more elegant thing to do would have been to somehow restrict influx, but hey, this is my first water butt project, and I am still learning. But when we had a particularly wet day, and I was inadvertently creating a private swimming pool in the upper garden, I decided to make an improvised solution and stick some lengths of hose pipe down the overflow hole, and lead them into the drain. I don't think it's a permanent solution but it sure guided quite a lot of water in the direction it was supposed to go! One day I will have to do a bit more of a proper job. It is autumn now; there will be no limit to how much water will be falling out of the sky. And it should end up in the river, and not in a big puddle next to my conservatory!

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