11 October 2021

Cat in bed

Two months ago I mentioned I sometimes left the door open, so the cat could join me. And it has now become a clear habit. When work became unpleasantly hectic with the field trip and welcome week and term in really close succession, and I didn't have much time for the cat during the day, I would just try to make up for that at night. And she would pretty much come join me every night! And it was nice and snug. And there were no further occurrences of her are you bringing live prey into my bedroom.

I now just keep the door open by default. And I have noticed I miss her when she doesn't show up! There was one night where she was nowhere to be seen, and I had trouble switching off so I couldn't sleep. And after an unknown period of time tossing and turning I decided that if I couldn't sleep anyway, I might just as well not sleep near the cat. So I went upstairs to where she was sleeping on the other bed, and cuddled her a bit. She seemed to enjoy that! But then I decided I needed to go to the loo, and she decided she needed to check her food bowl, so we evacuated the room. But when she was done in the kitchen she came join me downstairs. Success!

If I move much, she tends to run away; I don't know if she just finds it annoying, or whether she thinks that if I stir it means that I am about to go to the kitchen to give her food. But it has happened several times I wanted to scratch her head, but had to move in order to be able to reach her, upon which she bolted away. But one night I managed to get within reach without her running away. She really enjoyed the attention! And even though she had started out curled up like a fur hat, she ended up all stretched out. She reached from my midriff to my knees! It was really nice. I managed to make her do that twice now. I think this bed sharing thing may be the new normal. Although her hunting habit seems to change with the seasons, and as soon as she starts bringing mice in, the deal may be off again! 

Cat in bed (during the day, in this case)

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