18 October 2021

Sunset run

 I normally run in the afternoon, starting at about 3 or 4 PM. One Monday I had two online lectures in a row, at 4 and 5 PM. I didn't want to run before them because I figured I would be a bit restless with these two contact hours coming up. So I went afterwards! The sun was still up when I left the house. It was behind a hill, but I ran up another hill quicker than the sun could descend down beyond the horizon, so I did get to see it from bit higher up. While I climbed further, the sun then properly set. It was nice to see that from the hills! And as soon as the sun was gone, the moon took over, hanging majestically above the Glyderau range. 

Evening light over the Carneddau

The sun peeking over the hillfort

Ffos Rhufeinig heading for the sunset

The moon over the hills

It was getting a bit dark on the way back but I could see enough to keep running. And by then I was hungry and needed some food! Soon it won't be possible to run past 6 PM without a torch. I'll enjoy it while I can!

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