06 October 2021

Back onto the bike

Before lockdown, I got most of my exercise from my commute, and only ran during the weekends. When lockdown started, I started to run every day. I occasionally involved one of my bikes in my exercise regime, but I suppose about 95% of my exercise came from running in that period. But my commute is back! Term has started, and most days I have something to do in Bangor, so then I bike. And if I bike to Bangor and back, I don't run. One can only spend so much time on exercising a day!

My first week of term I biked to Bangor and back Monday to Thursday, and on Thursday I even went on my old bike. When I grabbed my gravel bike I noticed it had a flat tyre, and I figured that if I would fix it I would be late, so I just grabbed a different bike. That is why everyone always needs more than one bike! And the old one rides like a Chesterfield sofa, but said furniture isn't particularly fast. But I got there, and on time (be it a bit sweaty). Friday we were in the field, so that was the exercise I got. If I am in the field all day I don't go running afterwards. I haven't run a metre all week! I miss it. I will have to catch up during the weekend. My second week doesn't have things going on in Bangor every day, so then I can get a running fix. I'm glad!

Fixing the puncture; it had been caused by a thorn

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