30 October 2021

Modern lighting

I had decided that my office needed to be a bit lighter, so when I was in Bangor anyway I went to the shop to buy a new lightbulb. When I was rummaging among the bulbs I noticed they had something newfangled; lightbulbs that have two different possible light outputs. That puzzled me. But I thought it was a nice idea. I was a bit sceptical, though; I only bought one. Let's first see if it indeed works!

Once home I screwed the bulb into the fitting. And then I tried it out. Switch it on and you get mood lighting; switch it off and then switch it on again, and you get brighter lighting. It clearly works! And I quite like it. I might buy a few more of these. I think it is a fairly new invention, and normally I am at least 10 years behind everybody else, but in this case I might be right with the times, and enjoying it! I thought that was worth mentioning…

first setting

second setting

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