16 October 2021

COVID pass

Some time ago, the Welsh government had a vote about whether or not to introduce covid passes. The vote was incredibly close; the covid passes were accepted with a difference of only just one vote. That didn't surprise me much; what I was bit taken aback by was how quickly it came into force. And I had checked; the sort of events for which you need a pass like that are not the sort of events I tend to go to. It was fairly big indoor events, or really big outdoor events. And the biggest event I had coming up was a concert, but that was for calm people so we would be seated, and as soon as you are seated you don't need a covid pass. It is more for concerts with a moshpit and suchlike.

I did want to know how much faff it was to get one. Just suppose I suddenly do want to go to a big concert! Or I see an opportunity to go to the Netherlands. So I visited the NHS website. And as it so happened, it was a complete doddle to get a pass. I just got both the national and the international version. I'm covering my bases! And now we'll see if I ever use them. But if I need one, then either I already have one, or I have already found out how to get one, as the national one expires, so might need to be renewed. I was quite surprised by how smooth it went! So not too much hassle to suddenly be forced to have one, if you had an event coming up just after that vote in the Senedd…

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