28 October 2021

MATLAB progress

Not long ago I wrote a post about trying to dust off my Matlab skills again. So how did it go? Well! The title of this post sort of gives it away. But it wasn't a straightforward process. I did manage to play a bit with the data in the first graph, but the only thing I managed to do is remove data points, not add any. After some frustration I decided to just use my newfound graphic software to add the samples I wanted to compare the plotted samples with. It's admission of incompetence, but I could just get it done, and then decide that that task was done.

What about the second plot? I looked at the data I had generated with the script my colleague Yueng had helped me with, and realised they make no sense. I also managed to solve that with means other than Matlab. It wasn't looking good! And then there was the third task. That was really something I couldn't do without Matlab…

So how did it go? I still struggle to make sense of the whole scripts, but I now had one script that worked for the old data, and one that worked for the new data, and I figured that by studying the differences between the two, I should be able to write a script that could work with both data at the same time. So I set to work!

In the beginning it just didn't work. Then I changed a parameter and I managed to get a plot. The only problem with it was that all data points had the same colour, so the entire plot was useless. But it was clearly progress! And then the next iteration indeed plotted all the data, and all different data groups with their own colour. Success! Although I then decided the colours were not distributed well so I did another rejig. That worked too! And by then it was Friday evening and it was time to stop. But at least I ended the week in a triumph! I decided later I should choose a different colour map, but that should be a doddle. And then I need to manage to add both the third group of data points to this same plot, and to the original plot for which Yueng wrote the script. Will I manage that? I hope so! then I would have managed it all! 

I really would like to be good at Matlab, but I don't think it will ever happen; as long as I have this job I won't have the time, and as soon don't have the job anymore I won't have a reason for using Matlab anymore. It will remain muddling until the end!

partial success

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