22 October 2021

Marjan 60!

Marjan turned 60! And I had been invited to the celebrations. Her plan was: first walk the little Orme, then have dinner in Llandudno, and then a ride in the local Ferris wheel. It sounded good! I put on an outfit that I thought was a nice balance between practical and festive, and drove to Landudno. There I met the others; apart from Marjan and Jaco there were three of their friends. And we set off. I had never been to the Little Orme! I had barely been to the Great one. It was a nice walk, and it was nice to have a chat. I had met the couple among Marjan's friends before, at Jaco's 50th, and the other lady was new to me. And we walked to the top, where we admired the view and took some birthday pictures. Then we walked down to the quarry on the east side of the Little Orme, and had tea with cake there. It was lovely! And then we walked back to town, where the couple said goodbye, and Marjan's son and his girlfriend joined us for dinner. I had never met the girlfriend so it was nice to be introduced. We went to Dylan's; I had been to the restaurant in Menai Bridge, but not very often. So going to its brother in Landudno was still novel enough for me! And dinner was lovely.

After dinner we walked to the Ferris wheel, and did a few loops in it. And then the celebrations were over! It had been lovely. I was privileged to have been part of this. Onwards to the next 60!

View from the summit of the little Orme

Summit pic: clockwise Marjan, me, Anna, Bettina, Jaco (pic by Hans)

The Ferris wheel

Promenade seen from the Ferris Wheel

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