31 March 2021

Welsh class ended

It seemed yesterday that my Welsh class started, but it has already ended. I'll miss it! It was a good course. I learned a lot of things, I enjoyed it, the technology was used to good effect, the topics were interesting and the tutor knew his stuff. All good, clearly! And I think I wasn't the only one who enjoyed it, as during the last lesson several people enquired if the same tutor would offer another class after Easter. But he didn't! That is a pity.

I have already had a look at the classes that are offered in the north-west after Easter, and it's not looking good. There are two options; one is a class about Welsh film and television, and I just don't have any interest in that. And I know nothing about it either. I could easily see breakout groups where you are asked to discuss your favourite Welsh thriller or something, and I would have nothing to say. So that's a no-no.

The other one sounds really interesting; it's run by a lady who writes a column in a periodical, and the classes would be discussing one column per session. That sounded really attractive to me, but the class was Wednesday morning 10-12. I'm working then!

I will have to cast the net a bit wider; maybe there are classes in the north-east, for instance? Everything is online anyway, so in theory you could be on the moon. It doesn't matter. Venturing too far away from the north-west would be a bad idea, though, as I don't think I should be doing a class in South Welsh. I would confuse the shit out of myself!

I suppose for now I can only say that I hope there will be something suitable for me in the north-west by September. And watch this space to find out if I find something else to tick me over until the summer…

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