20 March 2021

Protect the plants from the cat

I know my garden is considered a loo by the neighbourhood cats. And I know they even use some of the plant pots in front of the house. And when I got a cat myself, I soon started to suspect she thought the big flowerpot in the conservatory was second litter box for her. And one day I caught her in the act! I am not keen on her killing my seedlings, so I decided to put some defence over the pot. And then I did the other three big ones as well. And a few days later, when I saw cat footprints in the trays in the propagator, I decided I had to put a mesh over these as well. I hope that will do the job!

And yes, this means I have been seeding the new round of vegetables. It can still be quite cold outside so my plants still live in the conservatory, but I am confident that it won't be freezing in there until next winter. I have planted beetroot, leek, aubergine, peas, pumpkin, spinach, and cabbage. I hope this year things will work out better than last year! I don't hope the cat has already cut short the lives of some of these juvenile vegetables…

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