06 March 2021

Spring run

 I run every day, so I can't really blog about all these runs. But we had a spell of amazing weather, and it just seemed silly not to one day bring a camera and document the beauty. As I write this, the amazing weather has already left, but it was great to have a few days where I could run in shorts and a tank top and bask in the sun. (The day after I was back to leggings, T-shirt, jumper, jacket, scarf, and gloves for my run.) And I decided the run along a few of the modest landmarks here in the direct vicinity. There are some cairns, sheepfolds, and other features around. They won't make it to any UNESCO world heritage list, but hey, they are worth some attention. So here is the little selection of pictures!

Incline associated with local slate quarry

Unusually summery attire for early March

Tiny ruin with yr Elen in the background

Groove in the hillside

Cairn, Llefn with sheepfold, y Gyrn and Moel Wnion

The small quarry above Rachub

Sheepfold on the flank of Moel Faban

Bryn Hafod y Wern seen from a cairn on Moel Faban

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