02 March 2021


We had had a lot of snow this winter. And after the snow came torrential rain and heavy winds. It had been rather unpleasant! The first day of good weather was the day I installed the catflap. That day I decided to have lunch in the garden for the first time this year. It was lovely! And then a strange week followed: on Monday, when I was in the field, it was amazing weather. Then on Tuesday and Wednesday we went back to heavy rain and wind. And then on Thursday it was great again, and it stayed that way for days! And the forecast was for more! It finally felt like spring. And the second lunch in the garden happened. I think it will be the first two of many! And of course the weather can turn again; after all, the Beast from the East hit in March. Something like that can happen again! But for now I am enjoying this renewed acquaintance with my garden. And with the sun!

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