08 March 2021

Road bike tried

On the Saturday, I had found out that my arms are good enough for a bike ride to Ogwen cottage via the old road on my black mountain bike. That was good news! But that didn't mean I was back to normal. I know that, of course, as any is still torture, but I was hoping that at least I could be back to normal regarding bicycles. And that would mean being able to bike at least to Bangor on my road bike. So when I needed to get me a Covid test on the main campus, and the weather was okay, I decided to give it a go. I re-inflated the tyres, which I had let the air out of as the bike was not in use, and set off, for the first time in a long time.

It was actually quite nice to be back on my commute! It is a very beautiful route. And the weather was lovely. It all went well! I was in Bangor in no time, and my arms felt all right. The main test, though, would be the way back, is that is overall uphill, and therefore takes longer. And that was fine too! So I'm good again! I'm sure I could commute back to the office now. Were that to be needed.

It was also nice to check what had happened along the way. Not an awful lot, but it was nice to see some small changes. A previously wild patch of land had been cleared, which now clearly showed infrastructure associated with Penrhyn Castle. I enjoyed seeing that! And I was also reminded of that there is some industrial ruin along the way I should really check out one day. But not that day as I was hungry and wanted to get to my lunch. But I'm back in biking business!

Bike back in action after a long time!

newly cleared terrain along the way

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