18 March 2021

Restrictions eased

 In December, the restrictions in Wales went back to being as strict as they had ever been. We were not allowed to see anybody outside our families and our bubbles. And these restrictions stayed in force for a fair while! And a few weeks ago, it became allowed to exercise with someone else. And I took advantage of that once. But now the rules have been relaxed more! For people from two households who live within 5 miles of each other can meet outdoors. And they don't have to exercise; just drinking coffee, to name something, is okay too.

The rule about the four people from two households is strict. The 5 mile rule isn't; the government had explained that that is to a certain degree open to interpretation. If you live in the middle of Cardiff, you probably have lots of friends living within 5 miles, so then you are expected to stick with it. If you live in the middle of the countryside, then these 5 miles might not help at all. So then you need to exercise your own judgement.

I haven't yet met up with anyone, but I think I soon will! It will be nice to hang out with people again. Maybe the evenings will soon be warm and light enough again to invite people over for dinner in the garden. That will be fab! But just coffee and cake will do. Watch this space!

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