28 March 2021

Pondering paint

When I had removed the catflap from the kitchen door, I had been faced with a big hole. I had fixed that by screwing some excess skirting board to the inside of the door. It looked a bit off, and I figured I needed to paint it. But paint it how? I thought some cheerful colours would do the job, but I know that it could get too garish. I thought I might try three colours; white, which is the colour of the window frames; yellow, as I painted some woodwork above the windows; and turquoise, as that is the colour of the bedroom and I knew I had some left. So I set to work. The white base layer went fine. And then I added the colours. And it just didn't look good. Even I saw that! I'm not famous for my keen eye for interior design, but this really looked bad. So I decided to reconsider. I painted another layer of primer over the turquoise. And then decided to go for only white and yellow. And is it beautiful now? It still looks like an improvised repair. But it's the first thing you see when you walk into the kitchen and it does the job for me. And I think the white and yellow nicely matches the other white and yellow on that side of the kitchen! It's still not a beautiful kitchen, but I am enjoying these small improvements. Maybe one day I will win the lottery and then the kitchen will get properly prettified. But so far I am proud that even with my limited sense of style I managed to avoid a bit of a design mishap!

The first attempt

The final result

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