10 March 2021

First kill

I suppose that it was a matter of time after I installed the catflap until I would have the first dead vertebrate in my house.

And so it was that one evening I was just calmly working away in my office, and I heard a "flop" behind me. I looked up and I saw that sound had been made by the cat dropping a dead mouse slap bang in the middle of the floor of the office. Oh dear! That woke me up.

I had had a cat before, and I clearly remember sometimes walking down the stairs and finding the remains of a mouse spread out quite widely over one of the steps. I wasn't keen on this cat spreading this mouse out any further than it already was. So I wanted to take it from her and dispose of it! I know that's harsh, as this was her trophy, but hey, this is my house.

I approached her in the mouse and I think she figured what I was intending to do, so she grabbed it and ran away with it. She ran straight to the bedroom. That wasn't improving things! I don't like the idea of mouse intestines on the floor of my office, but I like the idea of the same in my bed even less. So there I saw my chance and grabbed the mouse. She didn't like that! I quickly grabbed a trowel, stepped outside, and buried the mouse in the garden.

When I got back in, Mevrouw Moor was quite distraught. Where had her mouse gone? She looked everywhere. I then took some paper towel and cleaned the blood off the catflaps. But to do with the tissue paper? I just put it in the bin. But she figured that out and became quite interested in that bin. It smelled of her mouse! Maybe it was in there? She also became quite interested in the catflap to the conservatory. Some of the blood had soaked into the wood, so I hadn't been able to get rid of that. She was scratching at the wood. Maybe the mouse was hidden in there?

Later she forgot all about it. I didn't, though. It's spring now, and I could imagine this happening more often. I suppose that's just the way it is. I don't want to keep indoors and if she goes out, I suppose she just will kill. I might have to do more cleaning of blood off catflaps. Maybe she will just eat her prey in the garden, which would be preferable, as the animal wouldn't have died in vain. We'll see how it goes!

Better posing by mouse than by cat

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