19 March 2021

Drain Battle

There had been a while I couldn't use my wash-basin because I was working on the taps. I had managed that in the end! But only a month later I was again brushing my teeth in the kitchen. The drain had become clogged!

I could easily imagine this is one of those blog posts that everybody skips. I identify a problem, I mention the difficulties of sorting it in a badly maintained house, but I manage in the end and feel good about it. Been there, done that. But then I pondered it, I figured that actually, this sort of stuff matters. And why?

One reason is that unclogging drains is exactly the sort of chore that isn't very pleasant, and keeps you from using your rare spare time in a pleasant way. If you have a demanding job you need to sometimes be able to relax! And then you want to go for a walk in the weekend, and not have to spend your time rummaging in unpleasant substances in the bathroom. In a way, drains are a mental health issue.
Another issue is the endless question: if there is an issue with your house, do you repair it yourself or call a professional in? The advantages of repairing it yourself are that you are and how to repair things yourself. It gives you independence. But if you call in professionals, you keep your time for yourself (and that matters; see above) and you are supporting the local economy.

A third question is; if you have a problem and you can solve it in a way that hurts the environment, will you do it? What is more important? Your own comfort or the well-being of the planet? But I was glad that this time, I didn't have to choose. I remember times when I was under the impression that drain cleaner was some vicious poison. But nowadays you seem to be able to very easily buy eco-friendly substances. And I did!

So what about the practicalities? I started out with vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. That did not work. I employed the plunger too. To no effect. But two rounds of drain treatment did the job. I can brush my teeth in the bathroom again! And I am enjoying it. And I have some liquid left so I can keep the drain open now.

In the end I suppose it didn't take an awful lot lot of time, and I didn't damage the environment, but the local economy has remained unsupported. However; the last time I looked for a plumber it was really difficult, so I imagine all the local plumbers have more than enough work and are sufficiently supported as it is. So altogether a good outcome! And if it resulted in a dull blog post, well, then you didn't read to this part anyway…

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