07 March 2021

Physiotherapy continued

 I had my second appointment with the physiotherapist! In a way, it was a step back. This would be, again, a phone consultation with the new physiotherapist. This is my fourth! I have only seen one in the flesh twice. And I'm sure they can do their job over a phone too, but actually seeing their patients must be better. And talking to a new one almost every time doesn't seem to help either. If you get one and the same, they make a plan for you, and have expectations of how you will improve, and will notice if it is not working out that way. But well, I make do with what is offered to me.

I had conscientiously done my exercises! And it was clearly paying off. I was okay on bike again. A single mouse click can still send me into despair, so I'm clearly still far from recovered, but I'll take any progress. So what would this physiotherapist think of it?

She thought that battling a tendon problem with strength exercises is by definition a long haul project. She was chuffed with the progress I had made! That was good. She suggested adding two exercises; one complemented the ones I had got from my previous physiotherapist. He had given me strength exercises for the muscles that move your hand down, those that rotate your arm clockwise, and those that rotate your arm anticlockwise. This physiotherapist now added one for the muscles that move your hand up. That's the whole range covered now!

She also added one for my spine, she wasn't sure my back was okay. It sure feels okay, but maybe that doesn't say everything. I'll just add that to my morning ground exercises. Not sure if it's needed but it sure won't do any harm!

I hope progress will continue. In a few weeks I will speak with her again! I hope I will have more progress to report…

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