17 March 2021

Virtual dissertation talks

 On the Wednesday we had the virtual poster sessions of the master students, and on the Thursday we had the dissertation presentations of the bachelor students. It is the time of the year when lots of students are presenting the project they are working on! And it was again a first; the previous year, the presentations had been scheduled so soon after the end of face-to-face teaching that we had to quickly make something up. We decided to ask the students to record their presentations and upload them for us to watch. We didn't even have the platform back then that we use now for this sort of occasion. When I write this I must say I am a bit shocked; how fast does one get used to things! Teaching without this platform now seems unimaginable.

Anyway. I had put myself in a session with two colleagues. And we had mixed up the students. And I must say, all went well! No students had connection issues, the question-and-answer sessions were lively, it was all we had hoped for. And again; next year I expect us to be able to do this in person again. By then the idea is that all adults have been vaccinated, so why would we not do this in person? But every time we pull something off in these times of Covid restrictions I am glad we did it. I'm still not taking any of this for granted!

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