09 February 2021

Phone as new

When I had to be in Bangor for physiotherapy anyway, I took the opportunity to visit one of the phone repair shops on the high street. I wasn't happy with the fact that I had smashed the screen! And I'd rather have it fixed than buy a new phone. So I walked into a tiny shop that does completely improvised. A flashy venue this was not! The dead in methods; as long as they could repair my phone. So I handed it over. The bloke said it could be done, but he noticed that not only was it smashed but also bent (I think that happened during my run from Rhyd Ddu), so not only did he have to replace the screen, but also the housing. That was fine with me. The electronic seem to be rather robust so if changing the entire outside makes it last until autumn, when it is up for renewal, then that is worth every penny as far as I am concerned!

He told me to come back in an hour. And then asked for 20 to 25 minutes more. But then he had indeed managed it! My phone looked as new again. And I had helped the local economy. This man clearly has no clue about how to make a shop look attractive, but if my phone now lasts until autumn, then he has proven that he is good at what matters! And then I'd come back were I ever to be clumsy enough to smash my phone screen again…

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