20 February 2021

Stuff with which to keep the cat occupied

After the first day when Mevrouw Moor was mainly busy getting used to her new situation, it became clear that she loves to play. And he wants to play with me. And that is fair enough! But what with? I started out with the classic shoelace. Cats love chasing a shoelace! And she was indeed keen on trying to catch it. But it wasn't ideal.

I then made an improvement; I tied a bit of elastic string to a bamboo rod, and some normal string to that, and a small rubber ring and piece of ribbon to the end. That was a much better toy! Because of the bamboo rod you can make it move around a lot faster. And the ribbon draws attention. And the elastic material provide some bounce. So that kept us busy for a while!

In the meantime she also sometimes plays alone, as I, after all, have a busy job to hold down. She does a lot of zoomies through the house, and I have witnessed her attacking the bath mat. Quite cute!

Then a friend mentioned laser pointers. Of course, my laser pointer! I have one, as in the olden days I would teach to people physically present. Those were the days. It had been gathering dust for a year! I brought it out. And the cat went ballistic.

Since I introduced her to the laser pointer she is not interested in anything else anyone. That red dot is the bee's knees! And the funny thing is, she knows it's me who creates that dot, she knows what I make that dot with, she even knows where I keep the laser pointer. But it doesn't seem to matter! She wants to chase that dot.

She makes me laugh when she is chasing it anyway, but she once made me laugh more when she couldn't find the dot. Sometimes it's behind her and she's not aware of it. But she knows where it comes from! So once when she couldn't find it but she saw the laser point in my hand she just attacked the laser point itself. The cheek!

I will have to keep a close eye on the batteries. I need to have a new pair ready for in case the original ones run out! I don't think she would take kindly to having to make do without her beloved red dot for half a day or so!

The early stages: a shoe lace

The toy

The cat improvising something

And the pinnacle: a red dot!

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