03 February 2021

More phone problems

 Sometimes the phone signal in the village disappears. It did that on the day the local physiotherapist would phone me. And it generally doesn't bother me too much, as it never lasts long, but it is nice if you know that you can be reached. And my house has a landline! I don't tend to use it much, as the connection point is nowhere near a comfortable chair, but it's good to know it's there. That one day I checked. Maybe I could just give that number as well to my GP. But the phone just said "check line". Oh dear. It didn't work.

I've been googling a bit what you can do about this. There probably isn't a problem with the signal; my Internet works fine, and if the one thing works the other thing is supposed to as well. I tried taking the batteries out and putting new ones in. That didn't work. It could be the phone itself. Or maybe the cable. I have ordered a cable to see if that will do the job. I couldn't see anything wrong with the current cable, but it's worth a try! It could be the actual phone is well. That'll be unfortunate because then I would have to replace the entire thing. This clearly is work in progress! I should have a working landline. I think it's a good thing to have. Especially if I make a habit of endangering the working of my mobile phone. But so far I haven't gotten very far with trying to tackle this problem! Stay tuned…

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