11 February 2021

The name of the cat

 When my friends spoke about the cat who would become my lodger, they always called her Tiny Cat. And they kept calling her that! It doesn't sound like a real name. So when she was delivered to my house I asked if that was really her name. And it turned out that officially she is called Tabitha. I didn't like that name at all, to be honest! She is decidedly bigger than the cat I had 20 years ago, so in my mind, she isn't tiny at all. So I'm probably happy with her keeping her old names, but she needed an additional one. And I know that I don't call animals by all sorts of pet names like "beestje" and "maffe poes" and "kitty-cat" and whatnot, but still, she needed the name I would use. And the good thing is that I had been thinking about that recently anyway! I had decided my step great-grandmother needed a tribute. And he was called Mina Maria Johanna Christina Moor, and I didn't think her given name suited the cat, so I settled for Mevrouw Moor (Ms Moor). So that is her name now! I don't know if it matters much to her but it's good she has a name for living here.    

Looking as sophisticated as my step great grandmother

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