11 February 2021

Project scratch post

 When you have a cat, and you don't want your furniture to be shredded within days, you need a scratch post. Or maybe several. And now I had a cat! And it had been such a faff getting my sofa into the living room that I wanted to keep it serviceable for a while. So I needed scratch posts! Fortunately, I had some left-over carpet, so I could make some myself. I cut a strip off that I attached to the side of the stairs, and another strip I put on the post at the bottom of the stairs, and I attached two bigger strips to the wall in my bedroom and office. It was a bit of work but if it works it will have been worth it!

The next thing now was to make it clear to her that that was what they were. I would ostentatiously scratch them with my nails myself, hoping to give her an idea. And I would wiggle shoelaces near them so she would get her claws into them anyway. Maybe then she would like the feeling and do it more often! So far, success has been scarce. But there is time! I hope I'll get the idea across. Otherwise I'll be left with a shredded sofa, and shredded carpet…

1 comment:

Blerik said...

My cat loves cardboard. Both boxes and loose pieces. It stops him scratching our sofa.