07 November 2018

The plumber has been

It took a while, but it has happened! The plumber has been and has put all strange pipes in more logical places. He did it all in two days. I'm happy! He started moving a strange pipe to the side of the room. It had, for some unclear reason, run pretty much through the middle of the room. (It can be seen above my head in this post.) Now it looks all good! And the plasterer will manage to plaster around it.

Then there were pipes that ran on the inside of the door opening. That was silly as it made the opening too small! I could hardly get any furniture through. That had been the reason my comfi chair (the first one) had to reside in the conservatory. But now I'm sure I could get it through! And I hope I'll soon be in the position to put furniture in the living room. It only takes the plasterer. And painting. And a new floor...

Anyway. He managed everything in two days! One workman off the list! Great news!

Making space for the pipes in the wall

The pipe now tucked away in the corner

Pipes tucked away!

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