15 November 2018

Last Open Day of autumn

I am supposed to be at every Open Day. If they are in spring or summer, I will now have to organise them as well. In autumn I only have to be there to sort out the Peer Guides. And that is getting increasingly easy. If you do it more often you can run on routine!

This autumn I was lucky; I got away with only doing two out of three. The one in the middle fell in the middle of the Swamphike and the organiser was OK with sorting out the peer guides himself! That was really nice of him. And the third, in November, was not very busy. It was easy to sort out with the limited number of peer guides I had.

Soon I will have to line up staff and demonstrators for the Open Days that will start in February! I hope these go well. I look forward to having organised enough of them to not be stressed about it. But when this one was sorted (and we managed to bring the venue back to its original state within ten minutes after the prospective students and their entourage left!) I was glad it was over for a while and I could go home and enjoy the weekend! I needed that...

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