09 November 2018

Another weekend of hard graft

The week after the Swamphike would be ‘reading week'. I would have no contact hours! That should mean I would have my hands free to do all these things that needed doing. Assign the students their dissertation topics, compose a new dissertation marking schedule, prepare the upcoming lectures, make a lecture about this year’s field trip data, design an exercise to let the students practice with stable oxygen isotopes, provide my tutees with feedback on their draft essays, etc etc etc.

Of course it didn’t work that way. The Monday was lost anyway, to the hike, and the ceiling. And I still had things to attend; on Tuesday we had to practice for the upcoming  Palaeoceanography practical; I was seconded by two people who weren’t familiar with the forams it was all about. And there was a somewhat trying meeting about the Welcome Week on Thursday. And on Friday a big chunk of my day was taken up by an external guest speaker. It was a pleasure; she was lovely and her talk was great! But I left to pick her up from the railway station at 10.40 and I was back after dropping her off at 14:30. And the time in between all these commitments was largely taken up by the pesky dissertation topic allocation. So when the weekend came I still had a truckload of work to do! And the only way of dealing with that is just sitting down and doing it. So my Saturday was filled! And on Sunday I hoped to be done by lunchtime but that wasn't happening. I took a break at half past two to go for a run. It might be dark by the time I would be properly finished! 

When I had finished the feedback on the last draft essay I did something else onerous; I had been having issues with my internet and I finally got around to contacting my provider and informing them of the issue. I hope it gets sorted! It's a pain if your internet switches itself off all the time.

By the time that was done it was time to cook dinner. A weekend gone! And next weekend there is an Open Day and I have to be there. No rest for the wicked yet! I have hopes for Christmas...

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