31 March 2018

Getting the key

The day came! It was a day off. That was good! I had been told key exchange would be at 1PM, so I had planned to do some more packing and cleaning at home until I would get the message that I could pick up the key. But the phone call came at 10AM! Great!

I really needed two more cups of coffee until I could act on that message. I downed these, grabbed a few more things I would need in the house, and drove to Bangor. I collected the keys, and popped by in a second hand store a few doors up. I saw a small set of sidetables; I bought them! It would be good to have something to put my mug of tea on in the new house. Then I drove to Bethesda.

When I go there I made sure to take a key selfie. It's quite the moment; the keys to my first house! But the getting the key would be the easy bit...

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