07 March 2018

Weather too shit for student presentations

It was cold in my office. Digging had been cancelled. Then an email came in: the university would be closed the next day, because of the weather. Oh dear! I was supposed to have an entire day of student presentations then, for my Climate and Climate Change module. The students had written essays and now they would do presentations about these same topics. I enjoy that sort of stuff! But this threw a spanner in the works. I quickly went to check my students' timetables. When was there an entire day free? There was only one in the foreseeable future. I mailed timetabling to book it! Let's hope this new date doesn't bugger up the students' plans. But what can one do!

That Friday I spent at home. No way I was going to risk going to the office! With the university closed, they may turn off the heating. And that would just be a bit too bad. Better work in a warm house with less work facilities..

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