22 March 2018

The packing has started

Now that I knew the move was definitive I could start packing! A weekend appeared. On the Saturday I didn't actually get anything along that line done. On Friday I worked until I was done with my essay marking, and was home late. The next morning I go out of bed later than usual! Not just because I was tired from a long working day, but I got home so late I didn't manage to do my tea-drinking long enough before going to bed to make sure I didn't have to get up in the night. And we had pesky Eastern winds that thought it a good idea to make the neighbour's bins do a little dance outside my window. And in the morning I went off ogling wood burners. And did some blogging, and laundry, and homework, and all that stuff. The day vanished without an packing happening!

That Sunday there was an underground trip planned. I had been in two minds regarding it; I need to spend time on the house! But I also need friends. And I don't get to see the Thursdaynighters all that often, with the dig and all. So I had decided to join! I wasn't keen on driving myself; there was another snow warning, and the road we needed to negotiate was steep. But David would be going in his big fat Landie, and offered me a lift. But then the people from further away (with two wheel drive) were not sure they'd get over the pass. And Phil wanted to stand by in case his wife ended up in logistic trouble. And that would pretty much only leave David and me, in the cold in his draughty Landrover, so it was called off. So after all, I could start on packing the house! I had decided my plan would be: take my double bed apart, place it vertically against the wall, and thus make space to put more disassembled furniture, and field boxes. And so I did!

When the bed was out of the way I started to empty out the big cupboard in my other bedroom, and some shelves I keep clothes on. I'll try to keep kitchen and living room intact for now, except the book cupboard. Most furniture in said rooms can't be taken apart, so these can be used to the last moment. But it would be nice if I can get a lot of the flatpackable furniture flat before getting the key of the new house!

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