27 March 2018

Another Welsh book down

Should I stop mentioning the books I read? It's becoming routine now. I read another book! I borrowed it from one of the ladies in my Welsh class. She recommended it! It was a bundle of short stories. I'm not normally a fan of short stories, but well, one can make exceptions. And it was good indeed!

There were quite some stories in there that hinged on people who have children with an unusual person (not their husband, or someone who they abandon without even knowing they're pregnant), or people who cheat, or a combination of the above. (The cheating story without pregnancy does involve - how Welsh - a crucial Eisteddfod.) But it is the stuff of common human tragedy.

There was also a story about a boy who grows up really close to his granddad, and who wants to follow in his footsteps, but then the granddad dies before that is feasible. And a story of a woman whose husband dies. Life is never without its challenges with this author!

And now? Now I'm too busy moving house to read much!

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