08 March 2018

Small winter walk with house inspection

If you're about to buy a house of which the surveyor has said the roof of the garage is not up to scratch anymore, you get a bit nervous when a big storm hits. It didn't help that the roof of a shed around the corner has come off! I also encountered several fallen-over trees on my morning run. And a bit further north, an entire marina had been comprehensively destroyed. So after the wind had died down I figured it was time to have a look. And when I was there anyway, I went for a small walk. All work and no play and stuff!

The good news is: the roof hadn't suffered a bit! Looked identical to what it was before. That roof is solid! Then I could go for a walk. And with the easterly wind gone the westerly moisture had made its entrance again, and it was a bit foggy and rainy and not very photogenic, but at least I came across a nice frozen waterfall! I didn't linger all too long. Enough to do with this house business looming!

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