01 March 2018

Just one visitor in the dig

It would finally happen; the ThursdayNighters would come and have a look at what Miles and I were up to in the dig! I looked forward to that. I would not travel up with them, and most certainly not down; as I was on strike, I could be in the dig a bit earlier. And I was tired so I looked forward to being home at a reasonable time.

We set to work. We had three rocks to clear, hopefully before the visitors arrived. We set to work! They were so big we decided to break them up a bit before chucking them down. After a while we heard voices. The ThursdayNighters! I slithered down to welcome them. And to remove some rubble from the passage; Miles had been chucking a lot of rubbish down and that should be out of the way. Edwyn, who was the first to come up, grumbled a bit about this lack of manners. Oh dear!

He came up and had a look at the far end of the dig. He saw it was a bit tricky, but agreed it was doable. But nobody else appeared! Maybe they thought there wasn't enough space, although we had told Edwyn there sure was. But with Edwyn coming down again surely they would come up. Miles and I took a break, waiting for the next person. But nobody came! They hadn't even said bye! Such manners.

We went back to work. I showed Miles how I though we could support the slab, and how to proceed from there. He agreed! But figured we needed different fittings. He'd bring them the next day. But then we called it a day. Miles chucked some small stuff down and followed himself. When he was clear I brought down the big slabs.

When we walked out we heard voices. The ThursdayNighters again! Most of them, that is; some were dangling from a rope out of sight. It was nice to see them! Only seeing Edwyn had been a bit meagre. But we left after a while. We came out into a beautiful moonlit night. And I was home at a reasonable hour!

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