29 March 2018

Packing continues

My plan was: take a apart all apart-takable furniture, and move it to Bethesda. If you can take it apart it will fit inside the car! Except the double bed. I can then do the solid bits later, with a bigger vehicle. And doing it in bits might be nice! Having all you own dumped in a house makes reassemblage a daunting task. If I just spread it out over several days it is probably easier (more space) and more relaxed.

Soon most was taken apart! As I write this, I have some shelving in the hall that is still upright, and the book cupboard, and the desk. These are all still in use! I suppose the shelving will go next. I might clear out some window sills to accommodate whatever's on there. And the kitchen table might function as a desk for a while. The desk needs repair, anyway. And the book cupboard is so far untouched as I have not started on the living room yet; it's nice to keep that cosy until the very end! But new house, here I come!

The master bedroom, now box storage

 The second bedroom; still bedroom, but not much more

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