13 March 2018

Pay the deposit

I've never paid a sum that large! Not even 10% of it! This house buying business resets the standards. I decided that probably, just transferring the money wouldn't happen without difficulty, so I set out to do it even before I was sure the mortgage lender was OK with the whole thing, even after hearing about the Japanese knotweed. The solicitor had said I could do it online. I couldn't find a limit for such things on my bank website, but I found an upper limit of £100.000 for 'fast transfers', whatever these are. I figured I'd try. I got my bank gadgets out and tried to do the transfer. I checked the bank account nr and sort code about five million times! You read enough horror stories in the newspaper of people who get one number wrong and never see their money again.

Checking didn't help, though; I couldn't transfer that amount of money online. Clearly my transfer wasn't a fast one! An error message came up. I decided to phone the bank. They suggested they process the payment that way. Good idea! They also checked account nr and sort code about five million times, and that was after asking me several security questions. I was happy with the precautions! And it went through. So that's ready for the big day! And the next day my solicitor confirmed she had received the funds. Good! So let everything else now go as planned as well! I could have the key within weeks...

 The letter with the request for the large sum

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