30 March 2018

Last time before ownership

I would get they key on Thursday! Very exciting. But I was already phoning around to line up tradespeople to do work on the house. One of them, Glynne who I had asked to do the floors, suggested he'd come have a look the weekend before. He knows Rose, so that she still lived there didn't matter! And I wanted to see it myself anyway, to make a few more plans. We agreed on Sunday noon.

Rose was in, with a friend. The friend was using her bigger car to transport some of Rose's plants. These can't go into storage! We had a cup of coffee together, waiting for Glynne. He was a bit late but that was OK, we were still having coffee. He joined in, and we had a chat. It turned out he had installed James' kitchen!

We had to get cracking, though. We had a look at the floors I wanted changing. He figured we couldn't put a wood floor in the landing on top of the stairs; the last step would be too high. What to do? Maybe just sand down the original floorboards! We'd have to wait until Rose had moved out; we would have to lift the carpet and there were things standing on it!

The master bedroom was fine for a wood floor, but it would have to be glued. It would be lain on concrete! Now I had the task of finding wood. Not easy!

Then Glynne was on his way. I had another chat with Rose. I would probably not see her again! And the next time I would see the house, I would own it! Or rather, a portion of it. An exciting time for both of us!

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