18 January 2012

Road trip

It's a nice tradition: first run through mud until you're tired and very smelly. Then change (perhaps shower), and turn into someone most civilized, and have some lunch and do some promenading around. The "Oh my Obelisk!" run was very good for this purpose. There were showers available, and Dawlish, where it started and finished, is a picturesque coastal town. We were even in the luxurious position to frivolously ignore it, and trade it in for even prettier Shaldon, where we had our well-deserved lunch at the seaside. Two poor pollocks sacrificed their life for out leisurely exploits.

Teignmouth seen from Shaldon


After lunch we drove the long way home; all along the coast, over rather small roads. Most decorative! The journey this way also incorporated a quaint ferry crossing over the river Dart, and a drive over Slapton Sands, where we briefly stopped for some fresh air, the stretching of our suffering limbs and the ogling of the enticing tank that's on display there. Running is just an excuse for exploring the region...

Stately building in Dartmouth

The pub at the ferry landing

Looking up the Dart

The ferry was propelled by a tugboat fixed to the side; as it was fixed only at the nose it could turn around in mid-journey

Slapton Sands

Aussie on the beach

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