13 March 2011

General mutterings and a bug

The last blog post describes activities of an entire week ago! I'm getting cold turkey. It's not as if nothing has happened the whole week; I ogled lots of mud, I went running three times, I celebrated two birthdays, engaged in water rescue training, saw a splendid movie (the King's Speech), and ate taco's. But the only event I took pictures of was one of the birthdays, and it would take a while to ask all on the pic for permission to publish it. And postings without pictures are not as exciting as those with.

While I type this I realise there would be something to write about. My running is going well; I keep up the solo-running. I could do a review of the film. I liked it! And the water rescue training showed me I am a bit too stressed about work. Before we'd even gone in the direction of the training I was already fuming that they'd better make it worth it, as I was sacrificing a whole evening in which I also could have ogled much more mud. A bad sign. And the water training, this time in a pool, was hardly adding to the water training we'd hade before, in the Dart, which was much more fun and more topical as well, but luckily it was fun anyway, and I have to admit, I need all the training with a throw-bag I can possibly get. My aim is crap.

Anyway. I didn't write about any of that. But I should post something, if only to keep the withdrawal symptoms at bay! So I decided to publish a picture of a critter I came across in my sample. I see the likes of these a lot, but this one was splendidly preserved. So I used it as a post-mortal photo model. This little friend is about half a mm to a mm long. I specifically liked the hooked feet!


Maaike said...

Maar wat is het? Een (mini)teek?

Margot said...

Ik heb geen idee!

Maaike said...

Nou ja zeg.

Na bestudering van Wikipedia houd ik het op een mijt of een tekenlarve.

Margot said...

U is een waarlijk taxonoom! Ik keek ook even naar aanleiding van uw suggesties, en het lijkt mij geen tekenlarve, maar wel een mijt! U gaat door voor de wasmachine.