17 March 2011

All that can go wrong with the body

Tomorrow I'll be a better person! I have a bit of a precedent of being convinced I should do something, but pushing actually doing it in front of me, sometimes for decades. A good example was getting my driver's license. Another thing I thought I should do was getting a first aid qualification. I figured it was quite selfish to have no clue about such things. But the opportunity did not present itself.

Things changed with me joining cave rescue. And more so with ending up on the first call-out list. And then our paramedics started training us up for real. This was my chance! So I learned about systolic and diastolic pressure. And ketoacedosis. Agonal breathing. Nasal-pharyngeal airways. And lots more. But I also learned that what we were learnng was casualty care, which is quite a step up from first aid. And then they told me that you can only get certified as a casualty carer if you have a first aid qualification. And I have none! So in addition to the cascare book I borrowed from the cave rescue team, I then ordered a first aid book. Some documentation will certainly help! But it means literature will have to wait now. I have to go through two voluminous books that deal with everything that can go wrong with the human body. And crikey, that's quite a lot! But I'll probably find an opportunity to get my first aid qualification fairly soon, and then seamlessly move on into the direction of the cascare certificate. And then just hope that nobody near me gets into trouble and I'll never need it!

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