07 March 2011

Dartmoor, again

I remember the claustrophobic feeling I had at the end of my time in the Netherlands. I had gotten too urban. I gagged for the wild outdoors! And then I got over two years of exactly that. But that couldn’t last, and now I am back in civilisation again. And I started to feel it again. The caged tiger feeling! So when the weather was good on a Saturday I buggered off to Dartmoor. Hadn’t been there for a while! And I didn’t stay long; Roland needed to be celebrated, but it was enough to get some fresh air, some sense of open space, and a bonus in the shape of some industrial heritage. I needed that! I felt better afterwards. And maybe the pictures make that believable...

The battle between winter and spring: frog eggs in water with a film of ice...

I figured I should be so polite as to make an appearance on my own blog once in a while.

Not just a pretty landscape: notice the somewhat misplaced-looking bridge! Closer examination revealed an old railroad underneath it.

Along the railroad I found an old quarry, with two strange circular features in it. No idea what these are!

On this picture you can beautifully see the old railroad coming from the right, and making a turn along the isolines on the left.

And what's a bunch of pictures of Dartmoor without a few Dartmoor ponies!

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