01 May 2022

Side gig considered

After the second iteration of my side gig ended, it was time to consider what would be next. The week after I met with my contact person every talk through the options. She suggested we offer the very same course again, and I thought it was good idea. And we agreed on June for starting it again. That would give me a bit of a break. I hope the next version will be well attended!

She also suggested some additional sessions for the people who had attended the first two courses. I said I would have to think about that; I had already poured quite a lot into the actual course. What to add? She suggested the session specifically aimed at Wales, but climatologically speaking, Wales and the rest of Britain are not particularly different. I had focused the course already on Britain, and focusing it even closer would not make a big difference. But I promised to think about it.

She also said she was going to take bunch of English learners into the Great Orme Coppermine; I said that if she needed more staff I would love to join. And if she didn't need more staff, maybe we could meet up anyway as we had never met in person. She lives quite some distance south of me, but for this occasion she would inevitably have to come up North!

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