01 September 2021

Project water butt finished!

Months ago, I had moved my water butt to a much more favourable position than in which I had found it. It was now located near there guttering of the house. However; being near guttering is not good enough. If the water coming down these pipes doesn't actually enter the water butt, your water butt it's still only an ornament. So during a bank holiday weekend, I finally grabbed my saw and set out to guide the drainage pipe into the water butt. I had never done anything like that before, but it's not rocket science. 

It wasn't even that much work. The guttering is now pointing straight into the hole in the lid that I cut particularly for this purpose. I will now have to wait for rain to see if it really works! But I have faith. And that means that the days when I have to take water from the river, if I have some potted plants that really need some additional moisture, are counted. I don't want to use drinking water for this! And there's nothing wrong with getting some water from the river, but this is a lot more efficient. I felt very accomplished when I was finished! I had been pondering this chore for three years and now it is finished. Bring on first autumn, and then next summer, when all that accumulated water will come in handy!

Finished job! And yes there is a butternut squash plant draped over the water butt. It had to go somewhere when I left to walk the Slate Trail!

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