01 February 2018

The big decision

I had worked out how much money I wanted to spend on a mortgage. Now I also needed to work out how much of a deposit to put down! Which meant figuring out how much money I needed to keep for doing up the house. Phil had helped me with some ballpark figures. I also phoned the man who had installed Rose's kitchen; he was a joiner and he would know about wooden floors. And probably about who are the good decorators around!

I totted up cost for moving, paperwork, floors, walls, and fireplaces and such, and subtracted that from the money I had in the bank. Result! Then I phoned Rose. When could she move out? She was still living there! But I wanted to be over by Easter. There's a long teaching break then. I wanted to be able to use that for sorting the house out! She was quite flexible; she said she could just put her stuff in storage, and temporarily move in with her partner. So that sounded OK! We just needed to get the paperwork sorted. And since that was clear, and I had done the maths, I knew what I could afford. Rose knew how much she was willing to drop the price. So there and then we agreed a price! I was engulfed in adrenaline. The biggest financial decision I have ever made in my life! Blimey!

We ended the conversation and I phoned the estate agent. I put my offer in! And I knew it would be accepted. The I phoned my mother, still flooded with adrenaline. While I was on the phone with her the estate agent phoned back. I got the voicemail. Could I return the call? I knew what he wanted to tell me.

On Monday I will have a meeting with the mortgage advisor. The ball is rolling! Oh dear! So Exciting! But scary too. It IS a big commitment! But riverhouse, or Bryn Afon to give it its proper name, here I come!

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