30 January 2018

Viewing the house again

I wanted to see the house again! I had had a rather quick look the first time around. But now that I was considering buying it I needed an idea of how much work it needed. And I wanted to know if I would be as enamoured with it the second time around.

I was greeted by Rose, the owner, and an estate agent. This time Rose stayed in the kitchen and I went around with the estate agent. This time I looked at all the walls; did any wallpaper need stripping? Did anything need repainting? I also looked at the floors. Did they need renewal? I like wooden floors but the are expensive. And in the lounge, the carpet looked fine, and was a fine colour, so I probably leave that as is. The master bedroom needs another floor, though! It has cork now, and I don't like it. And that room borders on a landing with somewhat dubious floor; carpet tiles here, come carpet cut-offs (that were too small) there. Extend that new floor! Wood, I think.

The two hearths should be opened up I think; they must have been massive in the past. Pubs are like that! And then I need two wood burners. Or maybe one? Open fire in the other one? Not sure yet. But not this tiling!

I also don't like the top two doors but that's not urgent. Replacing wallpaper once you've moved in is a pain; replacing a door isn't! So that can wait.

Rose also confirmed I would have the same parking agreement with the adjacent chapel-turned-music-venue. Excellent! And she would take the cat with her. I can see why! But I have already googled the nearby pet shelters so I suppose that when the time is right they could pair me up with a suitable moggy. And then we can lie in front of the wood burner together!

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