08 February 2018

Run something other than the standard loop

The last time I blogged about running anything other than a race was in September. That has something to do with that I tend to not blog about running my standard morning loop. And that has been the only thing (except the Bangor 10k) I ran recently. Oh dear!

This weekend I had to pop to Lleiniog, to check if wave erosion might have done something unpleasant with the exposed cliff sections we use for a first year field trip, so I had to drive somewhere anyway, and I finally ran somewhere else!

I first ran as far as I could over the beach to check the cliff sections (it wasn't low water so I couldn't go all the way) and then ran the other way, over a public footpath that goes there. It was nice! In spite of the rain that started falling liberally at the end. I need to spend a lot of time on work and house business these days, but this was a nice escape onto the beach and into the woods!

The beach; notice a square carved out into the cliff, ready for students to make a sediment log

Happy in the woods!

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