22 February 2018

Talking about Paris myself

Two years ago I first listened to a guest lecture by a lady from our own Law school in the Climate and Climate Change module. It was very interesting! I tend to only look at things from the science perspective; looking at it from the law point of view is a novelty.

Last year I became module leader, but not until after Paul had prepared the way. My contract would start too late for me to do the planning myself! And Tara, the law lady, was still in it.

This academic year I found out pretty close to Christmas I would teach the module again. I quickly mailed the guest lecturers! But Tara mailed back that she couldn't do it this year. I decided that it was too interesting to not have the lecture, so I had to do it myself. I got Tara's old lectures to use as a foundation, and then I had to read up on the topic myself!

The perspective has now shifted a bit back to science, of course. I hope it's still as interesting! And doing the up to date literature study made me pretty much as pessimistic as I was last year. We need something stronger than Paris! But the ink of the agreement is barely dry. We will probably have to make do!

 From: World Resources Institute

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