21 February 2018

Dig update

I'm running out of blogpost titles! Maybe I should keep this one as a general one. Although that makes it hard to find back specific events. Anyway; we were back in the dig again. We had a ready-drilled slab to deal with! And we also had quite a snazzy blasting wire we wanted to feed through the rubble. We had never really taken the time to put a blasting wire in a sensible place; we tended to just feed it through where we would go along ourselves. That's also the way we throw rocks down! So we kept damaging it. We had to stop that.

I was up first. The rock indeed was ready to be charged! And after doing that we did feed the wire down. That was more faff than I had imagined! It tends to coil and refuse to be fed through narrow passages. But we got it done. So then we could test it out! And it worked. It will now probably work fine for a very long time!

After the blast I went up to see what it had done. The slab was smaller but still quite big. I shoved it down the slab but left it there; maybe we should use a breaker to make it a bit smaller before we chuck it down. The two rocks behind it also needed some persuasion; one was wedged, but I managed to pry it loose. They are ready to come down! And then we can go and support the big slab! But not tonight; Miles had to be home fairly early and we needed to leave. To be continued...

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