13 February 2018

Random post with handsome boat

When you buy a house you need a solicitor. I went with the one my mortgage advisor recommended. Does that mean I am vulnerable to being manipulated? She could recommend one for all sorts of reasons. But I am struggling to just do my day job; I don't also want to have to do thorough searches on who is a good solicitor around here. Anyway; so I got me a solicitor, and she wants to do a regular exchange of documents. Mail can do that but sometimes it's better to show up in person. And it turns out she is based in an old port building!

Penrhyn Quarry, which is about to pretty much become my neighbour, had its own little port to ship out the roofing slates. And that port is now only used for pleasure boats, so a lot of what you see is plastic boats that just don't set my heart a-flutter, but when I had to be there anyway I did go and have a look at it. And that was nice! I found a beautiful old pilot boat next to a locally famous public toilet, and a nice old rusty crane. These guys at least have taste in where they put their offices!

 The old crane
The pretty pilot boat; the  round building next to it is a historic public toilet


Unknown said...

Hi Margot,
The old wooden boat is my own, I bought her just over two years ago from Newcastle on the East coast. She was a pilot boat for Sunderland council. I haven't had much chance to do the work I had planned but I hope to start again this September. Her name is Wearmouth named after the bridge in Sunderland. I have a group on facebook called 'Wearmouth Sunderland pilot boat'. Thank you for your kind comments, Phil.

Margot said...

Hi Phil, thanks for that! It's a beautiful boat and I hope you get her into excellent shape again! I'll have a look at the FB page...